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  • Iconic Cruella de Vil costume inspired by the original movie!

Cruella Deville Costume

Iconic Cruella de Vil costume inspired by the original movie! Shop Now

Halloween is around the corner with only a week left there is so much to do. In the preparations, you are sometimes ignoring the major fun factor! How can you plan for the event without selecting a unique Halloween dress which will grab all the attention at the event?
It is at the right time that you have visited us as we will be your guide to dressing up in the iconic Cruella Deville Costume. The Cruella Halloween costume this time around is based on the original 101 Dalmatians movie.

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Some Background About The Cruella Deville Costume

You might be familiar with the name Cruella which rhymes with the word cruel as is the personality of the character. Based on the 101 Dalmatians a film originally released in 1961 changed the fashion industry once and for all. The original movie was recently recreated in 2021 starring the gorgeous Emma Stone.
However, to keep the aesthetics of the original movie we have brought for you the original dress from the 101 Dalmatians. This dress of honestly the most fashionable evil dress you can ever find. The dress has a negative vibe to it due to the character being evil, psychopath, and narcist but these vibes are perfect for the events like Halloween which is around the corner. Now, that we have refreshed our memories of the background story let’s dissect this beautiful yet evil aesthetic Cruella Costume.

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Based on the original Cruella Costume

We could have recreated a dress based on the 2021 Cruella movie released last year but we chose not to. The idea behind this was that first, we have to work on the dresses shown in the original movie back in the 1960s.

In this way, we ended up designing this beautiful dress which is great for Halloween and also perfect for other cosplay events. As the dress is based on character, you will fit perfectly into the Halloween costume party. As you will be carrying the evil, arrogant and narcissistic vibes by wearing the adult Cruella costume.

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How do you dress like Cruella Deville?
You can dress like Cruella Deville this Halloween night by grabbing the Cruella Deville costume 2023 which is available on sale right now.

What does Cruella de Ville wear?
Cruella wears a fancy yet horrifying multicolored dress that complements the black and white colors of her hair.

What did Cruella do to the dress?
Cruella rips apart the gown to include a dramatic skirt crafted from layers of ruched newspaper.
What was Cruella's fashion inspired by?
Cruella fashion is inspired by Vivienne Westwood who was a punk fashion icon back in the 70s.

Who actually designed the dresses in Cruella?
Behind the dress of Cruella was the Oscar and Bafta award-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan. She gave the actress Emma Stone the perfect costumes for her most thrilling looks in the movie.

What did Estella sew on the dress?
Estella sew live bugs on the dress which was a very odd thing to do. If you are familiar with the character you would know that this might be one of the least odd things done to her dresses.

Why was Cruella's hair black and white?
Her hair had a unique two-colored black and white pattern due to the disease called Poliosis.

What is Cruella personality disorder?
Cruella had a multiple personality disorder which became the main reason for her evil actions shown throughout the film.

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